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Bride to be is getting ready with her bridesmaid sitting joyfully near a window.

Sacred Heart Chapel Fairhope, AL

This intimate wedding in Fairhope, Alabama was full of classic details, including the bride’s flowers, the beaded lace wedding gown, and the groom’s tux. Sacred Heart Chapel in Fairhope is a cozy intimate venue. The day started breezy but sunny. The morning celebration took place in a charming Airbnb home located in Montrose Historic District that overlooked the Gulf. In other words, it was a good start to Rose’s Wedding day.

As the day continued, we all made our way to Sacred Heart Chapel. A little white church is located on the edge of Mobile Bay.

bride and groom sharing their first kiss at sacred heart chapel Fairhope, AL.

Lead photographer | Kenn Edwards Photography

Venue | Sacred Heart Chapel

Second Photographer | Holly Ann Co.

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